Practice Complaints Procedure for Patients

Patients are able to make a comment or a complaint about any of the services offered by this Practice.

1.      This can be done by writing to the Practice Manager, speaking to the Practice Manager in person or by phone, or by filling out and handing in a complaints form – these are available from Reception or can be downloaded here. Patients can also speak to their GP or any member of the team.

2.      The Practice will acknowledge the complaint in writing within two working days of receiving it.

3.      The patient will be given the opportunity to make an appointment to come in and discuss their concerns with the Senior Partner and the Practice Manager. If the patient would prefer a response in writing, this would need to be stated.

4.      ALL complaints are taken very seriously by the Practice, and will always be looked into in a thorough, honest, and timely manner.

5.      If someone wishes to make a complaint on behalf of a relative they will need to seek their agreement.  To keep matters confidential this will be required in writing.

6.      We aim to have all matters resolved within two weeks of receiving a complaint. If the investigation has taken longer, for example due to the Partner(s) or person(s) involved taking annual leave, the Practice would advise the patient of this.

If for any reason the patient is not satisfied with the way the Practice has handled your complaint, or with the outcome, they would be informed to refer their complaint to NHS England.

Chapelfield Medical Centre will be closed for staff training on

Wednesday 20th January from 1pm

and will reopen

Thursday 21st January at 8:30am. Phone lines reopen at 8am.


The latest information from regarding Coronavirus can be found here:
The latest information from regarding Coronavirus can be found here: